Can I Exercise During Pregnancy?

The question, whether it is possible to go in for sports during pregnancy or not, raises certain doubts. This is especially true for those who first bear a child. Certain types of exercise are very important during pregnancy because due to the stresses the body acquires the forces necessary for bearing a child, as well as in the postpartum period. Incorrectly chosen exercises, on the contrary, can damage a mother and child. For this reason, it is best to consult the doctor and find the best training options.

You can (and should) perform physical exercises during pregnancy!

It’s amazing, but you can continue to practice your favorite sports, including running, swimming, cycling and running on a treadmill. If you are wondering whether it is possible to exercise during pregnancy in the first trimester, then experts say, even necessary. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of activity during pregnancy in order to maintain physical and emotional health (mothers also need endorphins!). Consult your physician and choose the appropriate training regimen. Then see if you can continue to perform these exercises or you will need to change the plan.

Listen to your body

Listen to your body During Pregnancy

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The main thing to remember is that during training during pregnancy it is important to pay close attention to what the body says. Even if you are resting, the body is working hard to create a new life. You can feel a strong fatigue in different periods of the first, second and third trimesters. This is very good because there is an opportunity to give the body a full rest.

This period is not the time to set new goals

Even if you continue to exercise, now is not the right time to give muscle relief, to increase activity or to try new sports. Stick to what you know, and do it with pleasure.

Your center of gravity is biased

One of the main reasons why you should adhere to the already known direction is due to the fact that the organism of a pregnant woman has its own characteristics. For example, the center of gravity is displaced already from the very beginning of pregnancy and then continues to shift during the growth of the abdomen. This makes a woman feel a little awkward, so extra precautions will not interfere. For example, when running, it’s better to give preference to flat tracks. Various cracks and pits can cause stumbling.

Joints become weaker

Joints become weaker

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During pregnancy, the body intentionally produces a special hormone, called relaxin, which relaxes the joints. This is necessary in order to allow the body to adapt to changes in connection with the child’s growth process. For this reason, women can sometimes feel a little lazy and unassembled. Take care not to overextend, because at this time the probability of stretching the ankle joints and muscles increases.

The recovery process will take more time

Another reason why pregnant mothers are cautious about exercises is that their bodies are not able to recover very quickly. With bruises and injuries, even small ones such as stretching muscles or ligaments, it will take more recovery time, and the recovery process can be more difficult and painful than before.

Other causes of discomfort

Other causes of discomfort

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At an early stage of pregnancy, sometimes there is nausea and severe fatigue, and in the late period back pain, swelling in the joints and even tunnel carpal tunnel syndrome. Once again: listen to your own sensations that appear in the body, and arrange breaks for relaxation in the process of classes and performing daily duties.

Drink plenty of water!

During pregnancy, it is extremely important to consume enough H2O. Pregnancy increases the amount of blood in the body by 50%. It is water in the blood that helps to provide your organs and the baby with all the nutritious elements. The use of liquid in large quantities also helps to fight the swelling and urinary tract infections that pregnant women are more prone to.

So, when answering the question whether it is possible to go in for sports during pregnancy, we have brought to you 8 important arguments that the physical load is simply necessary for the female body during the period of bearing the child.