How to Congratulate Your Friend Birthday: 5 Best Ideas

Your friend birthday- Birthday of a close friend is an excellent occasion to show imagination and prepare for her some unusual congratulation. Of course, in our time, when you can easily find a gift for every taste and purse, it’s difficult to surprise something, but the original script can quickly beat the heart of your friend birthday.

Your friend birthday flowers with deliveryfriend birthday

Flowers is it trivial? Not at all! Firstly, not a single normal woman will give up an extra bouquet (yes, are they superfluous?), Secondly, it is not necessary to limit the standard bouquet to a personal greeting when it is already awaited?

Order a bouquet with delivery to the house or to work and get ready to accept rave gratitude. And to strengthen the effect, order an unusual bouquet. Maybe it will be a bouquet with a hint of important events or plans in the life of the birthday girl, or a bouquet consisting of flowers that she associates with pleasant memories seriously, just roses in the paper are not very interesting.

Your friend birthday flowers with deliveryfriend birthday

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But the composition, composed by a professional florist, will leave an unforgettable impression.

We offer to order flowers in a box from the studio TORY ART this gift will be remembered for a long time. An important advantage such a bouquet does not require an immediate search for a vase, which is much more convenient for a birthday person than troubles after receiving a traditional bouquet. The design of the gift and the set of colors in the box depends only on your wishes, but it is worth to listen to the recommendations of the florist because not all flowers blend successfully with each other.

Musicianfriend birthday

Exit the apartment and hear the magic singing of the violin how do you like the idea? Despite the fact that music is usually ordered by their beloved men in restaurants, why not break the tradition and not please your girlfriend with an exciting melody?

You can find a musician by contacting any event agency but be prepared for additional expenses for their commission. Cheaper will simply cost a musician, who can be found thanks to “word of mouth”.

Girl from the coverfriend birthday

Girl from coverfriend birthday

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Does your friend rave about news from the glamor world? Dreams of acting in a movie? To marry a millionaire? Open your own business? Or just become an exemplary mistress?

You need someone who owns Photoshop at an average level. All you need is to make a cover of your girlfriend’s favorite glossy magazine with her photo on it.

The photo can be provided with appropriate replicas: “Tatiana Ivanova secrets of the over-the-top coffee shop”. Or “Irina Petrenko how to get an” Oscar “. In short, there are no restrictions. Create, surprise and please your birthday.

The carriage is servedfriend birthday

Yes, what the most that neither is the present! When else feel like a princess, if not for a birthday. How would you feel if you were waiting at the entrance instead of the usual taxi waiting carriage drawn by horses? Probably, the same sensation is experienced by the child at the sight of the top of his dreams.

To experience completely children’s joyful emotions will help any equestrian school, which provides a service for renting horses on the road.




It’s not enough to choose an interesting, useful and original gift to really surprise the birthday girl, arrange a quest for her. Think about the scenario, the route, the tasks they must be quite complex, that was interesting and cheerful enough to only strengthen the atmosphere of the holiday.

Where, how and in what format to organize the quest, you decide. But you should immediately think about where it will be most convenient for the birthday girl. It is best to do this in her house (if you can visit there with the consent of other household members) or in a neutral territory, for example, in a restaurant where a celebration will take place.