Thyroid Gland: 8 Symptoms of Ill Health

It’s absolutely tiny, weighing only 18-20 grams, a butterfly-shaped organ can get you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong in its work. And often you do not even suspect that the reason for your bad health is hidden in the thyroid gland, and not in nerves, as it seems to you.

To the thyroid should be treated with awe and respect, and she will thank the clear and well-coordinated work. Well, now your attention is a list of symptoms that signal a failure in the thyroid gland. Be attentive!

Thyroid Gland: Mood Swings

Thyroid Gland Mood Swings

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Permanent depression, constant depression, feelings of powerlessness are too common symptoms to suspect a thyroid. Most people write off for stress. So it is – you should know that one of the main causes of thyroid diseases is stress and not lack of iodine. Read more: 5 lazy life takers for losing weight

Therefore, if you constantly break through into tears, then you are suppressed, then artificially Chrysostoma, there are sudden outbursts of anger that frighten you, you are tortured by insomnia and you often feel unreasonably afraid – register with an endocrinologist to either confirm or excludetoxicologists (increased production of the hormone by the thyroid gland).

Weight Loss Without Diet

Once, after a serious illness and death, my father-in-law, whom I looked after, I lost a lot of weight. I did not attach any importance to this, because there was a tremendous stress caused by taking care of a bed patient and a sad outcome. My new unplanned appearance would be very good, if not for constant tears and other unpleasant phenomena. Slenderness did not bring the joy that should have been brought.

Therefore, know: rapid weight loss with normal nutrition and without increased physical activity, especially after a prolonged emotional shake-up, is also one of the signs of a malfunction in the thyroid gland.

Weight Gain Without Overeating

Weight Gain Without Overeating

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Yes, if the heart is upset, the secondary consequences only confirm the primary consequences. But the thyroid is treacherous in that swimming the level of hormones can give directly opposite effects. So, if you are at a loss, why you suddenly got pissed off, like yeast, despite the fact that the diet did not change, it makes sense to go to test thyroid hormones.

Abnormal Heartbeat

Optometrist did not run, and you just need to get up on the third floor, but your heart is straight from the throat? If you have found at least one of the above symptom plus this abnormal heartbeat – do not go to the fortuneteller, your thyroid gland develops a high content of the hormone.

It can be the other way round – you might think that the heart rate is slowed down – this can be with hypothyroidism, a decreased thyroid function. Yes, do not go to the fortune-teller, but to the doctor – tomorrow.

Trembling of Hands and Feet

Trembling of Hands and Feet

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Even without significant fatigue and sudden exciting events, do you notice that your hands and feet are shaking? Do not hesitate even a minute, even if it’s not a thyroid, after all, it’s obviously abnormal, when a young woman has up to thirty limbs walking, even if she is excited about something exceptionally pleasant! It is better to double-check ten times and find the disease in an early stage than to take hormones long and painfully.


Again, a very vague symptom, it can be both for the female part, and “because of the nerves.” But the night sweat is a very small “butterfly” around our neck.

Weakness and Fatigue

Weakness and Fatigue

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This is not the fatigue that you feel at the end of the day, – oh, quickly go home, eat, and lie down in front of the TV. You get up already broken in the morning, as if unloading cars, all day you barely drag your feet, and the evening road scares home to the point that the hairs on the whole body stand on end. And I want to just howl with impotence.

But the same condition happens with heart problems, and with depression if it is unwell and with a hundred other sores. Therefore the only consultation of the doctor and the analysis of a blood can tell or say, that for a pity has overcome you.


About the drinking regime, we talked a lot, but even a large amount of water drunk a day, with normally functioning internal organs will not be stored on the hands, feet, face. Usually, home-grown experts with conviction say: “These are the kidneys!” And advise limiting salt and water. In any case, salt should be consumed less, but it is not necessary to sin only on one kidney.

Dry hair, Skin, and Nails

Dry Hair, Skin and Nails

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Girlfriends vied with each other to advise you to eat more vitamins and make miracle masks? All this is excellent, but if the thyroid gland does not produce the required amount of hormones, all these tricks will be like a dead poultice.

Especially you should be alert if your hair has always been a matter of pride, but here you literally turned into masochism in a month, even though you did not abuse the sun. In general, you realized that the reason is not of a cosmetic nature, but much more serious, that’s why you can not get around the endocrinologist.